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If it's a Studio in Film Production, most likely we work with them or have the capability to.  Notorious Studios / Sets you can find us at (when not on location) are; HBO, SHOWTIME, NETFLIX, AMAZON, PARAMOUNT, ABC DISNEY, NBC UNIVERSAL, 20TH CENTURY FOX, WARNER BROS., CBS STUDIOS, BRAVO, HALLMARK, those are just a handful you can find SSB Agents playing hide and seek on the lots!

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Scouting Brands, Product Placement


JoDee and the agents of Show Style Brands who work with her, work DIRECT (no middle people) daily on set, on location 24/7 placing brands in the studios, with wardrobe stylists, set decorators, producers, directors, studio product libraries ensuring the placement for your brand as efficiently as possible.  Place your Brand in "House of Show Style Brand Library" - see below  bottom section- such a stupid AFFORDABLE option - you're silly not to...

Celebrity Gifting


Also known as "Direct 2 Celebrity", we Gift your brand to celebrities, either direct to the celebrity, their reps, on set, in awards gift bags, or in person at an awards or entertainment event back stage, birthdays, premiers, finales, cast parties - very affordable exposure, monthly deals / promotions

Fashion Flash Mobs, PopUp Shops, and more....


Authentic Interactive Fashion Show "flash mob style" powered by SSB & Auto / Consumer Brand sponsorships, vendors, coordinating production driven Pop Up shops

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What is Product Placement?

  The presentation of brand names as props within a scene of a Movie, Television show or Music Video. Clever marketing folks want their brand name products to be visible within a scene- but not the main focus. The product needs to fit almost seamlessly into the shot and context of a scene. Product placement adds a sense of realism to a movie or television show that something like a can simply labeled as “soda” can not do. Product Placement Increases brand loyalty: Nothing makes your customers more proud of their purchase with your brand than seeing it used by their favorite TV / Movie Characters.  Product Placement is a Decision Maker: Whether it's Fashion, Gadgetry, or even what the Stars eat and drink, people are motivated to seek out more info on what they see on screen in Film and TV. Product placements become “implied endorsements”.

Direct Celebrity Gifting, D2C

 SSB strives to not only have celebrities like your product, but get captured using it too. Celebrity seeding with SSB can help you achieve media coverage for far less than a traditional ad campaign or paid A-list endorsement. Please inquire if you would like some additional information about these services and pricing.  Get the "Cool" factor of IMPLIED endorsements from key influencers without paying the product placement  fees,  do it through Celebrity Seeding at our events produced in recognition of entertainment awards or high profile events, integration into scenes of TV & Movie, OR hand delivered direct into the Celebrities hands.  SSB is personally connected!  
Nothing makes your customers more proud of their purchase with your brand than seeing it used by their favorite TV / MovieCharacters.
Whether it's fashion, gadgetry, or what the stars eat and drink, people are motivated to seek out more info on what they see in productions.

  Studio Gifting – Gift Basket designated for the cast, and or crew of a specific TV Show, feature film, Music Video, Ball Team / members, at Studio or Event attending, Holidays, Birthdays – all hand delivered specifically / basket + product & s/h.

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Fashion Flash Mobs & Fashion Shows

Fashion Flash Mobs, unique productions of JoDee Randall, are impromptu surprise fashion shows embedded into a non suspecting venue with a non suspecting but carefully chosen (generally include Celebrities, buyers, producers, directors, wardrobe stylists, set decs, bigger fashion houses affluent VIPs) audience by invitation only,  our Fashion Shows are choreographed weekend long interactive fashion shows.  All are powered in cooperation by Show Style Brands, emerging and Seasoned Fashion Houses, hospitality vendors, consumer brand sponsorships and charity organizations, as well as temporary pop up shops on location.  See also "House of Show Style Pop Ups" below... all participants have the ability to take part in the House of Show Style fashion Library...

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House of Show Style Brand Library

Not just for Fashion - but all Brand Categories!  Productions are always asking for any type of category you can think of for placement, so it is up to us to provide that what they need!  Food, beverage, consumer brands, tech, etc. -see brand categories we accept here.  But, when It comes to Fashion, Curated Fashion lines in addition to the other brand categories in our library are  available by invitation only to Prop House Masters, distibutors, MEDIA,  buyers, Producers, Directors, Celebrities, Set decs, Wardrobe Stylists, Celebrity stylists & influencers, for gifting, for placement, distribution  & retail purposes via House of Show Style  that have participated in Gifting, our Fashion Flash Mobs, Pop Up shops, product studio placement in Movies & TV shows.  Exclusive access only to Prop house Masters,  invitation holders and participating  brand  / fashion line owners, sponsors, pop up shops, hospitality partners, carefully selected investors.    

House of Show Style Brand Library is exactly as it says – a library of brands I keep on hand for productions.  It is a service that is either 6 months or per year, and I keep a library of brands on hand for last minute placements – as I often get phone calls or texts even on weekends “last minute” for major feature films, or today’s hottest TV shows, for product that productions / Celebrities / Stylists need within hours, or a couple of days.  This allows me to deliver this to set, because they are specifically calling for that brand or type of brand, and then in turn they’re getting free placements often.  As long as I have plenty of product to drop off to studios– I continue to do so.   House of Show Style is an incredibly affordable service fee paid once either 6 mo, or 12 mo. **This is especially awesome for Emerging brands, Re-Emerging brands, or Fashion Brands looking to do wardrobe / Red Carpet styling for those “always last minute” Celebrities.

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House of Show Style Pop Up Shops

Specially curated emerging and seasoned fashion, and art brands into one brick and mortar location (also available in the House of Show Style fashion library with secure access granted)  on display and for sale to gain exposure ranging from 4 days to 2 weeks.  Produced by JoDee Randall, powered by Show Style Brands in cooperation with affluent sponsors, vendors, partners, hospitality, auto, airline, travel, service, consumer, lifestyle, occasionally will feature VIP attendance or participation, fashion shows, entertainment, mixers and dinners for participants.  Product placement driven, retail buyers, consumer buyers, VIPs.

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House of Show Style

JoDee Randall's "hot fashionhouse".  The house that overheads everything fashion, the Fashion Library, Pop Up Shops, and Fashion Business Growth consulting.  A boutique consulting house that caters to the designers, design houses, partners and sponsors involved in Show Style Brand powered productions.....

Magazine / tabloid TV introduction to People Mag, People Style Watch, Lucky Mag, UsWeekly, OK, E!, Extra, Access Hollywood, TMZ, Entertainment Tonight +, includes Celebrity Awards season / event scheduling to gifting events / Red Carpet 

Fashion Consulting you Say?!