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Business Maven, Founder & CEO, JoDee K. Randall

Brand Scout, Product Placement Agent with today's Hottest Celebrities & Productions

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ORIGINATING FROM THE CLIENT SIDE,  JoDee evolved from your side of the table - not Hollywood.  She understands target markets, product position, branding, and what the fastest way to "overnight" is.  She's a "Monkey Tamer", because she understands what it is like to tame the animal your business is about to become.

As a Brand Scout, Product Placement Agent, Wardrobe & Event specialist, JoDee is also a  Fashion Startup Business Growth Coach, and event producer. who integrates Brands with Celebrities through gifting, into productions and celebrity swag events based around the entertainment and fashion industry, A-list Movies & Prime Time TV on only the MAJOR national and international television Networks,  then generating content and pushing the press and business development.

As an end result, Show Style Brands brings this integration to local and national Brand owners, both seasoned and emerging,  and personally gets involved with your brand ensuring it’s celebrity status. She’s bringing it home and making it real.

JoDee is a big fan of flash mobs, FASHION Flash Mobs that is!  Find out more info how you can take part in these interactive creations of hers in the services section.

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Tom Cruise Loves getting Swag from Show Style Brands

Show Style Brands

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 As a Brand Scout, Product Placement Agent , JoDee Randall and our SSB agents work directly on set, on location, in studios providing sets, celebrities with today's hottest emerging & seasoned brands.  Ask about our business growth where we go steps further and connect you with retailers / business that will contract your brand through production driven marketing - a niche model JoDee created to ensure business growth and overnight success full circle!

We produce & market engagements from Fashion Week to Golden Globes and Super Bowl to Kentucky Derby to the CMT Music or MTV Awards and everything in between, also events celebrating our brand client’s recent rise to stardom showcasing their appearance on “said Movie or TV show” that we have integrated them in. 

We establish relationships with brands and the entertainment industry, treat our brand clients and agents like family.  Our latest “motto”:  “Your Business is about to be an Animal.  We are the Ring Masters.  Come join the Circus”…  I am the Monkey Tamer.

Show Style Brands is based out of Traverse City, Michigan, and Hollywood California, We crave the connection with Established and startup Brands from all over the U.S , primarily Midwest -with the potential, seeking success IMMEDIATELY. 

In the Now!

  The week, we have many events throughout the Midwest, a Major Movie filming NOW in NYC, several series in and around LA, and a Hit Prime Time TV show with brand needs "yesterday" in Chicago- - be ready to rock! 

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