Fashion Business Growth, contract design services

Fashion Business Growth Consulting & Contract Design Services

 As a Brand placement, Wardrobe & Event specialist, primarily in the Fashion Industry, JoDee is a Fashion  Business growth Coach, an event producer, integrates Brands and Celebrities into venues, productions and events based around the entertainment and fashion industry, A-list Movies & Prime Time TV on only the MAJOR national and international television Networks then generating content and pushing the press and business development.  Please email for customized per scenario downloads, and Design Service info.   JoDee specializes in trendsetting design and forcasting.

Below is a list or individual courses available, as well as kits, specific need downloads for purchase - adding more daily!

- SSB Fashion Farm -Access Workshops / Events – 1-2 day Workshops introducing Expert Designers from within specified fashion industry with direct schooling on individualized niche

- SSB Fashion Farm – Fast Fashion Farm– each day for up to 5 days – (unless you’re “really fast” can get them all in one day for an additional fee), individual at a day’s pace specific fashion business growth fast track start up steps – 5 intensive basics delivered to your inbox to get started and be “on the go” with your line in just 5 short days.

SSB Fashion Farm – Marketing your line – A comprehensive “need to know” course on how to market your fashion line – from PR, to social Media, to placing your product on Red Carpets, in major movies, TV shows, Wardrobe, stylists hands, gifting to celebrities, and approaching star bloggers – entering the celebrity fashion world through the “back door”. Introductions, and representation to the Entertainment / Celebrity industry / placement seeding available.

- SSB Fashion Farm – Fashion Runway Shows / producing & promoting a successful fashion show. All of the steps of producing a fashion show including funding / financing your show – the checklists needed in production, who what where – staffing your runway show, all of the coordinates / lists of support needed to run a successful show, importance of media, inviting the media, creative inspiration, importance of the fan following of your shows, who to invite to your shows, how to invite certain targeted market, creating a trunk show at your fashion show.

- SSB Fashion Farm – introducing your line / selling your line to retailers – utilizing your own resources to selling your line, establishing self confidence in the approach and closing the sale, what the insiders, retailers want you to know, information you didn’t realize you need to know in compliance with U.S. government codes, data transfer systems / online ordering systems, selling in bulk, selling to flash sales sites, major shopping sites, distribution sites.

o SSB also offers sales assistance for added fee

- SSB Fashion Farm – Coordinate a Trunk Show - A STEP-BY-STEP Training to Help You Book a Trunk Show TODAY (I like to say “yesterday” because we are all always wanting it yesterday) with Any Boutique – even if you’ve never approached them before -This is insider information direct from Retail owners and what it takes for them to do a trunk show, also direct from buyers, on what “sells them” on your product, kind of like an EASY BUTTON plan to get Trunk Shows. You have to make it simple for you and EASY for the retail buyer. So easy, in fact, that they don’t have to THINK at all. And they don’t have to do any work – at all! You need a “Trunk Show Packet” to present to them that they can just say YES to it. No back and forth, no “I’ll check with the manager”. Make sense? Once you have the SSB Trunk Show Info Packet, you can use it over and over again as your own, that you can customize yourself–– making it easy to book more events whenever you want them

- SSB Fashion Farm – Financing your Fashion Business – A ½ day workshop - FINANCING YOUR FASHION BUSINESS: A sitdown conversation / meeting with industry funding / financing experts on getting your line funded, what it takes, what they want from you, and what they can offer you, possibility of open doors to funding your line.

- SSB Fashion Farm – Fashion Law Clinic – A ½ day workshop – Fashion Law awareness / steps – a sitdown workshop with fashion law industry expert of structuring your fashion business, import / export laws, sales laws – importance of compliance, representation applicable requirements

- SSB Fashion Farm – ONE-TIME STRATEGY SESSION -Private individual or Group Courses – This session can be a life-saver. This Session helps get clarity about business and feel much less overwhelmed. You will leave this session with a focused PLAN of action for the next 30 days, knowing exactly what next steps to take.

o You’ll leave this session with a clear plan of exactly what steps you need to take in the next 30 days.

o This Session is for those that need guidance in one area, for example:

o Feasibility – when you have an idea for a business but you’re not sure it’s viable or has potential to be profitable

o You’re happy with the overall health of your business but are feeling stuck on one issue and need a fresh perspective from someone who’s been there before

o You need guidance on what you should do NEXT– when you have so many options and ideas but need focus

o Growth – if your business is growing very fast and you feel overwhelmed and know you need help getting systems in place

o Money – if you are a start-up and want help getting a realistic estimate of what this business will cost you

Exclusive Individual DAY INTENSIVE AVAILABLE / per person

6 hours of uninterrupted time spent focusing on your business - Think you need it? You bet you will.

- SSB Fashion Farm – Group Coaching - A support 3 month coaching group designed to Help You Stay on Track, Grow Your Business, Reach Your Goals, Get Answers to Your Questions, Build Your Audience, Sell More, and Have a Happy Life – think of it as a live stream fashion expert hangout forum in steps, tips, tricks, insider info, ask the expert question and answer for once you’re established – must have done the designer startup and marketing program. More for established entrepreneurs who want support to sell more

specific needs tools & tricks, hacks, put into separate downloads for cheap purchase per.  Will be adding these soon!