Common Questions


Does this Work?! Of course it Does!


“Toy Story” – These toys were used as characters in the movie. Etch A Sketch, Mr. Potato Head, and Slinky. After the movie’s release, Etch A Sketch sales increased 4500 percent, Mr. Potato Head sales increased 800 percent, and Slinky – who was out of business for 10 years, was deluged with 20,000 orders and has sold $27 million U.S. worth of the toy since. 

“Austin Powers” – featured a Union Jack painted Jaguar XK8, in the U.S. – sales of the British car rose 70%. 

Since Reese’s pieces in “ET”, sales of the candy rose 80%. 


Mike kicking back a Blue Moon at the local watering hole on Mike and Molly – or Lafayette of True Blood slugging away at Tequila 33 or whether it be Tito’s Vodka being served at the Alibi on Shameless, these product placements have all become “implied endorsements”.

Our Product Placement associate agent, John Fluke proved success when he placed Tito's brand Vodka... in his words:  "   

We began product placements with one particular brand- Titos handmade vodka - when they were only distributed in Texas & Arizona- after meeting them at a trade show. 

Today, partially because of their dedication to quality and partially due to showing potential distributors their placements in productions where I had placed them) , they are a globally distributed company! 

Just being on top-rated TV shows like 2 broke girls, big bang theory and 2.5 men gave validity to their claim that millions of potential buyers across the globe had seen Tito’s - via product placement from our company on multiple TV shows shown world-wide- and this in turn helped convince potential partners and possible distributors that Tito’s handmade vodka was dedicated to promoting their brand and really committed to pushing that growth to the next level! 

Simply stated: the fact that these shows (among others such as HBO’s "true blood" and Showtime’s "shameless") were already in syndication or were sure to soon enter world-wide syndications, combined with proof of images showing Tito’s on set in major Hollywood studios and seen on TV (next to actors like Ashton Kutcher and Kaley Cuoco– from big bang theory ), enabled Tito’s to crack open first a nation-wide distribution partner and finally a global distribution; becoming along the way, the official vodka of American Airlines."

What are some of the Benefits?!

1) Permanent, forever and ever – re-runs, Netflix, dvr, on demand, Tivo, dvds, other networks purchase – literally  runs forever 

2)Low cost exposure 

3) Implied endorsement – millions see actors experiencing the brand

4) Key Influences – Hollywood has strong influence in broad market 

5) Positions product – drives usage – shows how to use it 

6) Launch Products – drives sales 

7) Reinforces Brand – (Brad Pitt – Red Bull -and we know how much media attention Brad Pitt gets!, Seinfeld – Snapple, American Idol – Coke, Wayne’s World – Pizza Hut, Pepsi) 

How far back does this go?

Product placement dates back to the early days of the 1950s when Gordon’s Gin paid for Katherine Hepburn’s character in “African Queen” toss’s loads of product overboard. One of the most commonly discussed is that of Reese’s pieces in ET – originally intended for another chocolate candy (melt in your mouth not in your hands), this prime spot essentially catapulted these tiny peanut butter morsels into mainstream popularity.